Welcome to ALTC 2016!

Camp Lazarus, Delaware, OH
November 4 - 6, 2016

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Area Leadership Training Conference

The Area Leadership Training Conference (ALTC) is a gathering of lodge leaders from across Eastern Ohio and all of West Virginia. The conference is a one of a kind learning experience lead by some of the most skilled Arrowmen from Section C-4A and Section C-4B. This year's program will emphasize skills to better equip lodge leadership for success within the lodge and beyond. Explore this website to learn more about the conference.

Special Guest:

Central Region Chief Logan Greene

Central Region Chief Logan Greene

Current Registration Stats

Section C-4A

Lodge Registered
Cuyahoga Lodge 17 9
Onondaga Lodge 36 16
Wapashuwi Lodge 56 16
Marnoc Lodge 151 9
Sipp-O Lodge 377 20
Portage Lodge 619 18

Section C-4B

Lodge Registered
Tecumseh Lodge 65 9
Netawatwees Lodge 424 10
Menawngihella Lodge 550 5
Takhonek Lodge 617 13
Nendawen Lodge 618 0


Group Registered
Section C-4A 88
Section C-4B 37
Other Lodges 7