Training Tracks


Area Technology Training Conference is designed for lodge members who are focused on managing their lodge’s membership data. Identifying important aspects of LodgeMaster, tracking and maintaining strong unit relations, developing Digital Membership Cards, developing an Technological Induction Process (TIP) for maintaining the OA Unit Elections results, connecting online management systems to LodgeMaster, and many more other best practices to strengthen the membership core of the lodge.

Audience: Youth and adults with responsibility to manage the lodge's membership data

Leading into the Second Century

The "Leading into the Second Century" track is about propelling lodge officers into the next century of service. In the sessions that make up this track, the ALTC team will give participants the tools they need to succeed in their job and make the next century of the Order even better than the first. This all-encompassing track will be beneficial for everyone from the newest lodge officer to the veteran lodge adviser.

Audience: Top three youth and top two adults in each lodge.

Programming the Future of your Lodge

The “Programming the Future of your Lodge” track has been designed to challenge participants to discover and develop ways to plan and run engaging lodge events. We’ll cover promotion, planning, delegating, carrying out, and more! This track will be focused on the perspective of an organizer who needs to put it all together. Everyone who wants to make sure events are fun and impactful are all welcome to this experience.

Audience: Youth and adults interested in developing their skillsets in developing a lodge’s calendar.

Tailoring Your Ceremonies to Members

"Tailoring Your Ceremonies to Members" is meant to develop a lodge’s overall ceremonies experience ranging from improving your ceremonies ring to improving the experience of members participating in the ceremonies. If you are interested in ceremonies or never served in a ceremony role, come over to expand your knowledge. Learn everything there is to know including the programmatic and administration side of ceremonies.

Audience: Youth and adults interested in expanding their knowledge of ceremonies.